As musicians we’re always striving to perform our best, and for vocalists and wind players we know that the engine of our sound production comes from breath support and breathing. How many of you have heard your teachers ask you to "use more
air" or "use faster air" or even "you're dropping your support" and thought to yourself... 

But what does that even mean? How do I know if I’m doing this right?


My name is Wesley Ferreira and as a University music professor myself, I aim to be clear and efficient in my teaching in order to help my students find proven ways to develop their abilities.

Without a doubt, developing the ability to know exactly how to use your air will make all aspects of singing and playing a wind  

Wesley Ferreira - Clarinetist and Creator of the Air Revelation Breath SUpport Training Program for Musicians

 instrument easier. That’s why over many years, I’ve devised a breath support training program for musicians called “Air Revelation.” I’ve used it in my own studio and in classrooms for many years with remarkable results, and now I’m happy to share it with all of you. 


The Air Revelation breath support training program is viewed by instructional lessons and used in conjunction with the blue incentive spirometer, which can be purchased in the accessories shop here on this website. By spending 10 to 15 minutes a day training with the Air Revelation videos prior to, or as your daily warmup, you’ll begin to notice yourself implementing the healthy and good habits that you naturally use on the spirometer onto your instrument. 


The blue incentive spirometer will reveal to you and give you insight on the quality of breath support that you use, and by promoting relaxation over tension, your breathing will improve, your exhalation and breath support will be better than ever, and your ability to control your musical phrases will develop faster. If you use my Air Revelation breath support training program, this is my promise to you.


These exercises can be used by individuals or entire classrooms. Teachers, you’ll instantly see the progress after daily use of the spirometer. Your bands and choirs will sound fuller, less tense, and more resonant, and you’ll be setting up your students with good habits, leading to future success. 


As a bonus, my “troubleshooting” exercises can also be used to isolate and help you to improve upon specific issues that you may have with your air usage. And for clarinetists and saxophonists, you’ll benefit from using my special “long tube” spirometer exercises. 


I want to encourage you to commit to developing and improving you breath support so that you can reach the levels that you have always aspired to with Air Revelation.  



Audio Interview

Sean Perrin of Clarineat.com interviews Air Revelation program creator Wesley Ferreira