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All products on this page are to be used to support and supplement the Air Revelation instructional training videos.

These can be purchsed on by visiting our Accessories Shop.

Incentive Spirometer

The incentive spirometer, or inspiron is a medical device used by patients to improve the functioning of their lungs. For wind players and vocalists, it can be turned upside down used to help with breath support and control by exhaling into it. This product is made and developed by Smith Medical and can be purchased on several online websites. For convenience, you may purchase them here on this website.


Incentive Spirometer 

Breathing tools

Alternate Spirometer Mouthpiece 

This mouthpiece is used by placing it over the blue spiromter tube. It gives you the option of exhaling using a different aperture. This mouthpeice is great for schools who purchase only a few incentive spirometers, but for sanitary reasons will purchase a mouthpiece for each student to use. This device is made by Wesley Ferreira.

breathing exercisese for musicians

Spirometer Long Tube for Clarinet & Saxophone

Practicing with the spirometer long tube inside of clarinets and saxophones is the closest we can get to visually, aurally, and conceptually play the instrument while exhaling into the spirometer at the same time. There are many practical exercises that use this long tube to help with troubleshooting issues of breath support in the Air Revelation Extended Series for Clarinetistis and Saxophonists. This device is made and developed by Wesley Ferreira.

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