Chris Van Hof endorses Air Revelation Breath Support Training Program for Musicians

"As a full time brass performer and teacher I know that there is one thing that drives the sound for wind players, and that is air. There is a danger that gets in the way of obtaining a good sound and that is having an inefficient use of air. This can come from a lot of places where tension develops. Air Revelation not only helps you to focus on using huge volumes of air, but to use it in the most efficient way possible. This is something that I have always focused on in my own teaching and now to have a four week program where students can work on these concepts outside of lessons is priceless.”

Dr. Christopher Van Hof
Trombonist, Educator, Arranger 

John Seesholtz endorses Air Revelation Breath Support Training Program for Musicians

"In voice it’s all about the breath. We work continuously with students to train consistent and constant breath flow as well as working on the "messa di voce" which is considered one of the primary challenges of singing. The crescendo from very soft to very loud and then back is all about breath control. With Air Revelation, we really get to work on the control of the breath.
As we train classically and in a healthy way, we are working on the bernoulli effect, which is the idea that suction is created at the vocal folds through the proper amount of air flow and breath pressure. Air Revelation really works to build your air flow that is going through the voice.”


Dr. John Seesholtz 
Baritone, Voice Professor

Andrea Hollenbeck endorses Air Revelation Breath Support Training Program for Musicians

"It's so important for students to progress from week to week outside of the classroom and outside of their private lessons. The Air Revelation program allows students to work independently with proven results to improve breathing, breath support, and tone.”

 - Andrea Hollenbeck, Middle School Band Director
M.M. Ed. Northwestern University

Andrea Hollenbeck endorses Air Revelation Breath Support Training Program for Musicians

“Using Air Revelation for 15 minutes daily, I am enjoying many short-term benefits but can also clearly see what the long-term benefits are in regards to breath control, resistance, endurance, phrasing, tone, and variations of articulation (breath or tongue). Along with the suggested training exercises, I like to improvise my own. Wesley’s Air Revelation serves as an excellent extension to my pedagogy course and is a fun and creative tool for encouraging students in my applied studios to develop various areas of their musicianship.””

 - Thomas Lempner
Saxophonist, University Professor at Baldwin Wallace Conservatory of Music, Cleveland State University, Notre Dame College

Jana Starling endorses Air Revelation Breath Support Training Program for Musicians

"I've watched Wesley in masterclass work with many students using the Air Revelation  exercises with the spirometer, and I have used many of these myself in my own studio.  I've seen and heard the positive impact they have had on student's tone production, but just as significant, the students start to release body tension, become more breathing efficient and, most importantly, understand the relationship between airflow and the functionality of the instrument.  When airflow is maximized, all aspects of playing improve - technique, articulation and expression etc.  With the Air Revelation program, the concept of air support goes from the abstract to something concrete students can actually feel, see and hear.  I strongly recommend Air Revelation for anyone looking for improvement in tone production, efficient playing and ease of music-making."

Dr. Jana Starling
Professional Clarinetist & University Professor

Tom Puwalski endorses Air Revelation Breath Support Training Program for Musicians

"I found the program very useful. The one thing I got out of it was a 'paradigm shift.' As clarinetists we have had a tendency to purchase and put the equipment on our clarinets that our teachers told us to get. But after working with your program I started to go 180 degrees opposite to what I was doing with students. Get them blowing the correct way through the clarinet, then adapt the reed and mouthpiece to the wind, not put a reed on a mouthpiece and then figure out how to make it work."

 - Tom Puwalski, Clarinetist
U.S. Army Field Band (Ret.)

Breathing exercisese for saxophonists

"I am so excited that Dr. Ferreira has assembled all of these breathing and breath support exercises into a comprehensive training program! Practicing with the incentive spirometer is amazing and it absolutely works. I’ve continued to use these exercises thoughout my career and have passed them down while teaching my own students!"


- Lacie Marchand, Saxophonist
 M.M. University of Calgary

Breathing exercises for clarinetists

"I owe a lot of my success to Dr. Ferreira's pedagogical use of the blue incentive spirometer in my lessons, which have helped me to build greater air support without tension. I’m very excited about Air Revelation, and would highly recommend it. It’s fun to work with and garners excellent and continued results. The best part... anyone can do it"

- Dave Scott, Clarinetist
M.M. McGill University

Breathing exercises for clarinet

"Air Revelation works on development of the most fundamental aspect of clarinet playing, the airstream. By isolating the airstream to varying degrees, Dr. Ferreira has created a program that focuses on developing breath support both with and without the clarinet. The program offers innovative practices and concepts that provide the student with a comprehensive understanding of proper air use. I personally find the Air Revelation exercises extremely beneficial when I begin to feel physically fatigue in my embouchure after performing or practicing for extended periods of time. With the use of a few quick exercisese from the program, I find that I am able to increase performance stamina and play without fatigue for an extended period of time. I would recommend this program to any student or teacher looking for a better understanding of the airstream and the role it plays in the art of wind playing" 

- Tom Wilson, Clarinetist
D.M.A. Indiana University Jacobs School of Music (in progress)

Breathing exercises for wind players

"The Air Revelation exercises have been essential tools for me in understanding breath support. Using the spirometer allows musicians to visualize the concerpts of airspeed and control which are so fundamental to playing a wind instrument but often difficulty to explain and develop.

- Emily Kerski, Clarinetist
M.M. DePaul University (in progress)

Breathing exercises for wind playing

"Daily practice of Dr. Ferreira's spirometer exercises has transformed my clarinet playing. They have made it easier to sustain a full and supported sound without tension. I especially like the consistency and control that I now have with dynamics and phrase shaping after practicing with the spirometer."

 - Nicole Jensen, Clarinetist
M.M. University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Sean Perrin and Clarineat endorses Air Revelation Breath Support Training Program for Musicians

"Wesley Ferreira has really thought through this program and presents exercises in very practical and musical ways. The video series is very professionally done, and with over 200 hours of content the price point is quite appropriate. It's less than the price of one lesson with a top professional. You’re getting weeks of instruction and something that you can use on an ongoing basis. People are always looking for the quick fix with equipment but perhaps this is the quick fix. It’s better to spend four weeks on this exercise than floundering around for 10 years hoping to 'get it'."

- Sean Perrin
Professional Clarinetist, founder of Clarineat.com

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