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Training Program 

The Air Revelation Breath Support Training Program for Musicians is a four-week training program with exercises aimed at helping you to develop the awareness and proper techniques needed to consistently practice and perform with breath support. The lessons are viewed by video. You will begin at “Week 1”, and each subsequent week will contain exercises that build upon the exercises practiced during previous weeks. By spending 10 to 15 minutes each day training with the Air Revelation instructional videos prior to or as your daily warmup, you will begin to implement the healthy and good habits that you naturally use on the spirometer onto your instrument.

Download your Free Air Revelation Training Program outline   

For those of you who really want a challenge, after completing your four weeks of training you can go on to an additional week of the Air Revelation “Advanced Level” training.

Results will best be acheived by practicing each exercise while watching the corresponding lesson video. This will allow you to make sure that you are performing the exercises correctly.

When practicing the exercises the first few times, if you find that it is not possible for you to execute the specific requirements for a particular exercise, it's okay to simply work on developing the skill needed, even though you may be falling short of the requirements. After a period of time you will be able to reach the required goals!  

The Air Revelation Breath Support Training Program for Musicians can be returned to again and again throughout your career to further develop and/or to maintain your abilities. You can also focus in and practice specific exercises to help any deficiences you might have in your playing or singing.    





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