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Training Program 


The Air Revelation Breath Support Training Program for Musicians includes a special Extended Series of troubleshooting exercises uniquely for clarinet and saxophone players. Click videos to view these exercises.

Whether your bad habit is squeezing or tense fingers, tension in your jaw, tension in your throat, issues of keeping breath support when tonguing, or tongue position issues, the following videos will demonstrate a variety of exercisese to help you work through overcoming these issues.  

Many of the troubleshooting exercise use the spirometer long-tube into your instrument. Be sure to watch the videos on "How to Use the Spirometer Long-Tube" for your instrument to employ the proper technique.




Troubleshooting Concept Videos

The "Holy Trinity of Wind Playing"

How to Use the Spirometer Long-Tube for Clarinet

How to Use the Spirometer Long-Tube for Saxophone


Troubleshooting Bad Habits 



Tongue Position Issues


Biting and Jaw Tension Issues


Tension Issues in Throat

Squeezing and other Finger Tension Issues


Breath Support Issues when Tonguing 




Click below to view each week's exercises
(including specific benefits)

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